Corporate Profile

What is service without reach?
That is the question that four Central Florida credit unions aimed to solve in 1981 when they established CULIANCE as a way for credit unions to compete favorably and affordably with other financial institutions.

The goal was a flexible, shared, deposit-taking ATM network that fostered a cooperative environment in which credit unions could implement effective and sustainable electronic fund transfer strategies.

Incorporated in 1998, CULIANCE has grown into a strong, full-service debit network serving credit unions across the country and overseas. Network participant members enjoy the convenience of POS access at many of the nation's most popular retailers, as well as an ATM network that has a presence wherever participant members are.

Now, 40+ years later as a wholly owned subsidiary of FIS, CULIANCE boasts the nation's largest surcharge-free ATM network, as well as a point-of-sale network with millions of POS locations across the country. CULIANCE offers credit unions superior economics with low fees and industry-leading interchange revenue, product innovation, and exceptional client commitment.

With the cooperative ideals of the credit union movement – service, ownership, and self-determination – and national ATM and point-of-sale access for credit unions, CULIANCE is service with reach.